Adobe Photoshop





Adobe Photoshop is a graphics edit software developed by Adobe Systems Inc. Adobe photoshop is widely used by millions of artiests, web developers as well as common people. Adobe photoshop is professionly and personally used by people. The founder of Adobe Photoshop was Thomas Knoll. He was inspired by MS Paint and named it display program in 1987. The latest version of Adobe Photoshop is Adobe Photoshop CS6. It has many controls for editing graphics.

Features Of Adobe Photoshop

  1. The editing of image in lesser time with little effort.
  2. Generate 3D icons.
  3. Editing in different layer of image is possible.
  4. Better user interface.
  5. It can save images as .gif, .jpeg, .bmp formats. The default format is .jpeg.
  6. Many tools such as selection tools like lasso tool etc.

HTML- A Markup Language

    History of HTML

In early 1880s IBM designed this language. Intitially, it was known as GML stands for General Markup Language. In this language one could create a document and mark the title, text, font selection, headings and more. In 1986 it was renamed to SGML stands for Standard Generalized Mark-up Language. In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee and his team redesigned this language and it is now called HTML( Hyper Text Mark-up Language).


HTML is used to create web pages. It has many tags. It contains text and graphics. A person can add links to his web pages. Hyper Text is used to link various web pages like you can connect your web page to google using tag. HTML has its own syntax and rules. Its extension is .html or simply .html .HTML documents starts with tag and end with tag. To create a HTML document, you can type the text in wordpad, Notepad etc.